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A Few  Words  From  The  Owner

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During these uncertain times the last thing you need is to be housed in a poor unsafe environment while trying to Learn  a new trades. We will ensure a safe stay or money back guaranteed!


As a homeowner, business owner, and property manager I understand the budgeting and issues that come along with not having the right contractors. Froggy’s and Resurfacing LLC. was formed. With over 25 years of experience my intentions and goals are simple.

To always works hard on finding new ways to keep customer satisfaction our number 1 priority.

Researching from various site’s we work diligently to meet certain trends of what clients except from their landscaping and resurfacing company and what they want for their landscape and home. We also work with certain marketing companies that specialize in various surveys that focuses and understand the frustration that- property managers, building owners, investors, facility managers, apartment owners and homeowners have with their contracting company and what they expect.

I offer many discounts, plans, and programs to fit anyone’s need more in detail at the “To our Customers” section. This site was built around the customer Froggy’s Landscaping and Resurfacing is part of a network of organizations and associations to provide you with the highest up to date quality service.

Currently 4 time winning six flags contractor of the year and new winner for the 2021 yr. Chase Bank, Jeffersons Bank, West Over hills Hospital Memory Care, School of Science and Harmony, The Dominons, and much more! Now our Resurfacing Department is also stronger than it has ever been! in fact were so confident that we are the best in the business that Froggyslar is going to start offering classes for those who want to learn its a 3 day class and after the course you'll receive a USB on what we covered but in Video form predone so you wont miss a thing! Froggyslar dares you to go on "Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, ETC" and put them up against us when it comes to resurfacing and not replacing! make sure they touch everything like we can show you on the Before and after slider! we make it look like granite ijs.....moving on we are also going to put out a book on how to start your own landscaping business or resurfacing business a step by step guide the do's and dont's about the businesses! Remember NO DEGREE HERE!! SELF TAUGHT, SELF MADE, OUR LOVE FOR WHAT WE DO FOR OUR CITY IS PAID IN RETURN FROM ALL THE LOVE WE HAVE GOTTEN..WE LOVE YOU SAN ANTONIO TX!!! we hope to expand in the near future thank you for all the love and support 

To the right of me was a good man, hard worker,drank like nobody i knew but we all got our owns habits to each their own....I miss our conversations old friend ...RIP JOE  from the Frog Man  


To  Our  Customers

Click on the top right hand tab to navigate thru the site for the services we offer! 

Froggy’s understands that each property can be interpreted many ways from it being remodeled, prepped up to be sold, personal attachment, Rental. It is major investment that you made today or decades ago. We are not here to (toot our own horn) and find ways to convince you to hire us. The honest truth is you can find that in any other contractors or cooperation websites. We are not your typical contracting company, yes we offer the same services as other companies BUT this site was developed with a promise to the customer of honesty and integrity to educate the customer and provide the best services at a reasonable price.

On this site you will understand what information is needed for an estimate and a “Estimate Template” will be provided for you to help with the process. Simply answer the following questions on the Estimate tab and attach it to the “Estimate Info” under the “Contact Us” tab. Froggy’s will be contact you with a response in less than 24 hrs. Our dedication doesn’t stop after the estimate e-mail response to you. Froggy’s offers various discounts and programs such as (Military former or present, Senior Citizens, First Time Customer’s, Customer referral) ETC. Our devotion for you once again doesn’t stop there you can save up to 30% by stacking your discounts or if you would like to spread them out by weekly the decision will be yours to make. More savings coming your way with our customer loyalty program if Froggy’s has provided services for you for more than 90 days you will automatically start saving 10% going fourth. The savings increase by continuing services 6 months to a year no contracts just a simple way of saying thanks for your business. The love for our customer’s continues the more services you choose the more savings you get, for example if you currently utilize 3 different vendors and we offer those services we can work out a package for you to better accommodate your budgeting.  

Not to mention another program Froggy’s has for you, by you bringing an old invoice from your previous or current vendor we will match that price or even lower it. We have several discounts, plans, and custom programs to fit anyone’s budget and needs. If you have a question regarding our services or if you would like a quote e-mailed to you, please send the following information requested and we will be sure to respond within 24 hours.


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